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Sam Lesante Jr. has been appointed President of the company, marking a new chapter in Sam-Son Productions' legacy.

Beginning his journey with the company in high school, Sam Jr. has risen through the ranks, showcasing his talent and dedication. From producing segments for "Spotlight Talent Showcase" to assuming responsibilities across various production roles, Sam Jr. exemplifies the family's commitment to excellence.

While Sam Jr. takes on his new role, Sam Sr. continues to serve as CEO, ensuring the company's strategic direction, while Deb remains COO, overseeing operational aspects. Jeannine, as CM0 (Chief Marketing Officer), leads sales and social media initiatives, further amplifying the company's reach and impact.

As Sam-Son Productions, Inc. celebrates its 30th anniversary, the Lesante family's unwavering dedication to local journalism and entertainment remains steadfast. With a rich history of innovation and a commitment to quality, they continue to set the standard for excellence in the industry. Here's to another thirty years of captivating storytelling and community engagement.

ssptv pic.jpg

Pictured from left are: Front row, Sam Lesante Sr. / CEO, Sam Lesante Jr. / President,

Back row: from left, Deb Lesante / COO, Jeannine Lesante George / CMO and

Lori Lesante, Sam Jr.'s wife and co-host of "The Girls."

On Saturday, October 14, 2023, the Luzerne County Arts & Entertainment Hall of Fame held it's 1st annual awards ceremony. One of the inductees was Academy Award winning actor and Pennsylvania native, Jack Palance.

Sam Lesante Sr. of Sam-Son Productions, Inc. has been a close friend to Jack and the Palance family and accepted on the family's behalf.
Thank you to the Luzerne County Arts & Entertainment Hall of Fame.

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