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Local Coverage Maps

Luzerne, Carbon, Schuylkill Counties
Pennsylvania, USA
Service Electric Cablevision - Ch. 13 & HD513

25,000 Households (90,000 people)

haz map.jpg

Schuylkill County
Pennsylvania, USA
Comcast Cable Ch. 190

25,000 Households (90,000 people)

pville map.jpg

Luzerne County
Pennsylvania, USA
Service Electric Cable TV - Ch. 92

30,000 Households (100,000 people)

WB map.jpg

SSPTV Viewership Poll

Done by Susquehanna Polling & Research, Inc. in Sept. 2022

For cable viewership


The results are very pleasing as we own the age 55+ demographics
in the 3 counties we cover
(portions of Luzerne, Carbon & Schuylkill Counties.)

Our poll revealed the following on
"The Sam Lesante Show"


  • 69% (or 11 of the 16) are 50+ years in age

  • 50% (or 8 of the 16) are users of Facebook

  • 81% (or 13 of the 16) have a cable connection while 62% (or 10 of the same 16) say they use live streaming platforms for accessing news/other content

  • 69% (or 11 of 16) say they have lived in the area 20+ years

  • 87% (or 14 of 16) are Caucasian

  • 44% (or 7 of the 16) are cable watchers specifically in the Greater Hazleton market

  • 50% (or 8 of 16) have household incomes greater than $50k 

stats 2023 p2.png
stats 2023 p1.png

Ad Placement on Television

More ad dollars are spent on television advertising than any other form of media – for good reason.

The cost of a 30 second commercial airing in the 2023 Superbowl was a whopping $7 million.


According to Nielsen, TV continues to rank as one the“most authoritative” and “most persuasive”

forms of media available.


TV can be efficient and effective,

if planned right and managed correctly.

We can produce and place it all.


Whether it's a 30 or 60 min TV Show

or a 30 or 60 sec. commercial,

we’ll make sure you'll be seen.

Contact us so we can help design

the right media plan for your business goals

and help you get the best rates.

Call Jeannine at (570) 956-3393 or email jeannine

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