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This page is dedicated to

the memory of Dr. Inayat Kathio.
Dr. Kathio passed away

Friday evening, Jan. 6, 2023.

Born in Nasseerabad, Pakistan, Inayat completed his DVM degree from the Faulty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences of Sindh Agriculture University in 1978.

In 1981, he went to Washington D.C. for a fellowship and completed his Ph.D. and post-doctorate from Georgetown University, Missouri, Columbia University and Iowa University.


He served as a veterinarian in the Sindh government as an FAO research officer and consultant in the United Nations Development Program.


Dr. Kathio used to write scientific articles in international newspapers and participate in veterinary science programs on various TV channels, including Fox TV, SSPTV (Hazleton), Philadelphia TV and PAX TV.

He also had the status of a Pakistani diplomat due to close relations with the U.S. and Pakistani high political leaders.

Inayat has had animal clinics Mexico since 2002 and Pittston since 1992, where he used to treat the pets of famous American people, including Hillary Clinton.

Dr. Kathio was the owner of the Pittston Animal Hospital.

The Vice-Chancellor, Sindh Agricultural University, Tando Jam Dr. Fateh Marri termed the death of Dr. Kathio as a great loss to the veterinary world and said that despite being in America, Dr. Kathio rendered great services to the country including Sindh.

Dr. Kathio taught the students of Sindh Agricultural University about the development of veterinary sciences in the world, modern technology as well as laboratory and surgical work during his visit to SAU, and he continued to serve in animal welfare and development projects in the world through various international institutions.

Dr. Kathio was an eminent veterinary expert and known all over the world.

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