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"And That's The Way It Is," the unfiltered talk show that dives into the heart of controversial political topics! 🗣️🇺🇸

Hosted by Mike Marsicano, a retired PA state policeman and former mayor of Hazleton City, this show pulls no punches when it comes to speaking the truth.


With unwavering patriotism and a deep love for this great nation, Mike fearlessly tackles the issues that shape our political landscape, leaving no stone unturned and no topic off-limits.


Known for his candid and unapologetic approach, he isn't afraid to express his opinions, regardless of who they may offend.


Drawing on his experience in law enforcement and public service, Mike brings a unique perspective to the table, blending a keen understanding of governance with a genuine passion for upholding the values that define America.

🇺🇸 Controversial Political Topics: "And That's The Way It Is" is your window into the world of contentious political discourse.


🗣️ Speak Your Mind: In a world where political correctness often reigns, "And That's The Way It Is" provides a refreshing space for open and honest dialogue. 

🇺🇸 Unapologetic Patriotism: Above all, "And That's The Way It Is" is a testament to Mike's unwavering love for this country. His deep-rooted patriotism and allegiance to the flag of the United States of America are evident in every episode. 

Get ready for a no-holds-barred exploration of the political landscape on "And That's The Way It Is." Stay tuned, join the conversation, and embrace the opportunity to be a more informed and engaged citizen. Together, let's uphold the values that make this nation great! 🇺🇸🎉

New Episode!!

S2E11: Biden & Hunter's Laptop

S2E10: America under attack.

S2E8: Trump 2024

S2E9: Biden and
the Trump trials.

S2E6: Biden will be EXPOSED!!!

S2E7: Biden and the
China connection

S2E5: Biden is bad for America -
Trump 2024

S2E4: Biden has ruined America

S2E3: Biden's Lies & Trump 2024

S2E2: Trump 2024, COVID Leak, Fentanyl & more

S2E1: Chinese Spy Balloon, Trump vs. Biden Administration

S1E6: Election, Security, COVID-19, Immigration, Biden

S1E5: Air Travel, Drugs, Supply Chain, COVID-19

S1E4: School Taxes & Illegal Immigration, Gun Control, Kamala Harris

S1E3: FBI, Immigration, Biden, China

S1E2 - Energy, Inflation & FBI Raid on Trump

S1E1 - Mike's Introduction

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