Worst Season for Fleas and Ticks

Some may be thanking Mother Nature for the mild weather, but our furry
friends might not be too happy. As a matter of fact, they are probably
feeling a little itchy. The warmer season and early arrival of Spring
has led to an early flea and tick season. Veterinarians even say it
could be the worst season yet. We caught up with Michelle and Al
Barnhardt and her two pups, Bizmark the German Shepherd and the petite
little one, Gidget. Michelle tells us both of her furry friends are
vaccinated for Lyme Disease and medicated for heart worms and fleas each
month. She also says checking your dog after a trip outside is a good
idea. Luckily for Gidget and Bismarck, neither have had to deal with
ticks or fleas yet this season, but Michele says she knows other dog
owners who have already found ticks on their pup.Veterinarians say that
not only will there be a huge amount of fleas and ticks, but there will
be diseases to go along with them, like Lyme Disease from ticks. The
warm Winter let fleas and ticks reproduce throughout the year and now
those fleas and ticks are going to look to backyard pets to feed off of.
Advice from the professionals is to make sure you brush your dog every
time they come in from being outside.

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