Wilkes-Barre Shooting Update

Scott Street Memorial

Scott Street seemed peaceful today. I was much different from early Thursday morning, when a gunman opened fire. Friends and loved ones lit candles and left roses at a memorial set up in front of Don Kasper’s Watering Hole where Leroy Smit, 42 was shot to death. Jamal Martin, 20 was also hit. Martin, who has a long criminal history, died hours later  at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center. Neighbors are worried for their safety. Robbin Haulcombe’s 9 grandchildren  live a half a block away from the shooting scene. She said there should be more protection on the streets. Wilkes Barre’s Mayor, Tom  Leighton said officers are doing their best to keep the streets safe. However, just hours later, there was a second shooting, not far away at Alan’s Grocery and Deli on Coal Street. The victim who has not been identified was shot in the stomach at high noon and is expected to survive. The owner of the store said he will be putting up signs to stop loitering in front of his store to help prevent future incidences. The mayor said police don’t know why these shootings happened, but  most shootings in Wilkes-Barre are spurred by the drug trade. Both cases are still under investigation and Mayor Leighton is asking anyone with information about the shootings to contact police.



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