Toohil / Young 116th Legislative Debate

Debate with 116th PA Dist. Rep. Tarah Toohil and Candidate Ransom Young. Produced by News 13 / SSPTV, Sam-Son Productions, Inc.
Special thanks to League of Women Voters of Greater Hazleton, Pennsylvania and sponsors: Service Electric Cablevision, PPL Electric & The Hazleton Standard Speaker.

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5 Responses

  1. Young takes Toohil to the cleaners. Good job Ransom.

  2. good job toohil for running a clean campaign

  3. Cry baby says:

    Toohil comes across as an arrogant liar!

  4. Renea Tribule says:

    Wow Mr. Heller, maybe someone needs to remind you that you have been banned from 2 offices already… do we want to get into your criminal history as well ??? VOTE TOOHIL !!

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