Teen Street Fights Go “Viral”

It was a News 13 exclusive…yet another street fight involving local
teens was taped and posted to You Tube. This time, it’s the location of
the brawl that has everyone talking and police now on the move to make
arrests. News 13 was sent a disturbing video by a number of Hazleton
area parents who called it “disgusting” and “unacceptable”. The person
who posted it to “You Tube” did so in two rounds, similar to a boxing
match. In round one it shows a group of teens ganging up on a girl who
clearly says she doesn’t want to fight and tries to get away numerous
times. This was all taking place right outside of the West Hazleton
Police and Fire Departments. Round two shows that same girl, the one who
didn’t want any trouble, come back to the group which was harassing her
to fight, and this time wants to fight and brings along the support of
some adults who actually egg on the battle. The two girls fight and then
everyone scatters. News 13 turned the videos over to the West Hazleton
Police Department who are right now conducting interviews and arrests
could be in the near future. These videos come just a few weeks after
another fight near the High School went viral. It seems to be a new fad
amongst teens to tape violence and show it off on the web.
In addition, News 13 learned late Thursday afternoon that a 13 year old
girl was left with some serious injuries after she was beat up at the
Altmiller playground in the City right around 4 o’clock. Witnesses said
the teen was being punched by another female while a group of people
waited in a car. We’re told the girl had major facial injuries and was
bleeding heavily. A young boy, who was in the park at the time, helped
get the teen away from her attacker and dialed 9-1-1. The victim was
taken to Hazleton General Hospital with cuts, bruises and lacerations to
her face. Hazleton police are investigating and ask if you know anything
to dial 9-1-1. News 13 has heard that the victim may have been walking
on Wyoming Street right before the attack and was pulled into a car by
her attackers.

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6 Responses

  1. These people are insane. They are like animals. What in the world would possess an adult to get involved in this besides to break it up. I am absolutely appalled by these videos. Doesn’t YouTube have a terms and conditions against these kind of videos. Ugh…….

  2. The hazleton area is turning into a ghetto

  3. Wendi Hunsicker says:

    I am appauled at this. I am the person that reported this to the West Hazleton Police Department, heard the police officers reaction to seeing this for the first time and how sickened he was by this. I as the so called bullies mother reported this. Your so called victim in this story has been harrassing the so called bully for a year maybe more. What you failed to report is that one of those instigating adults put their hands on the so called bullies head and proceeded to rip her hair out. No don’t report the facts and add slander to the mix. I AM CALLING THIS SLANDER DUE TO THE FACT THAT I REPORTED THIS FIRST, CONSIDERING LEGAL ACTION!!!!!

  4. John Casterline says:

    Get the Ricans outta here already!!!!

  5. Hello,
    These Mexican and Dominican folk have ruined this city and turned it into a breeding ground for crime. I have one thing to say to you all that have turned our city into rubbish and that is to GET OUT!!!!!
    If you would of came here wanting to be productive members of society and to live in decency that would have been fine. However most of you chose to come here and strain our resources and wreck our once quiet little town. The truth of the matter is, your not wanted here. You don’t belong here with your crime and your drugs and holding out your hands to receive the entitlements you think that you deserve. Get jobs and stop making babies and start paying taxes and see how hard it is for honest people to make a living. You don’t even respect our flag,
    you all are leaches on society and one day when government shuts off the well of welfare and free everything, you will all be sorry. Again if you cant be productive, please, GET OUT!

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