Surveilance Video Catches Tow Truck Vandal

video surveilance

They did it again.  For the second time in just a few days, vandals marred the garage door on Tim’s Auto repair shop in Hazleton. Last Thursday, someone spray painted graffiti on the door. The owner of the shop, Tim Mellor painted over it. Then, just days later, someone did it again. Tim said this all started when he announced he was holding a car wash over the weekend, to raise money to support the HPD. When he advertised the fundraiser in the newspaper, vandals struck that same night. The vandals defaced his to truck too. Tim does have a clue about who marred his property. Video surveillance cameras on the property where his tow truck was parked captured the suspected vandal who defaced the vehicle . While he doesn’t know if he was targeted because he supports HPD or is just being bullied. Tim said these acts of destruction won’t stop him from helping the community. Tim said he wouldn’t be surprised if his property was damaged a third time. but again the incidents won’t prevent him from running his business and supporting the Hazleton’s police department.




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4 Responses

  1. Hope they catch whomever doing this…this guy is just helping and this is the Thanks he gets..

  2. Looks like him or his brother. … wouldn’t be a shock, I think it just maybe an inside job because I know I would be pissed and hey he’s not, come on ppl open those eyes, could be for publicity, insurance job, pitty….I can see right through this shit.

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