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Plenty of advocates for HPD are logging on and showing their support for the Hazleton Police Department after last weeks rally against police brutality.

“Too much attention is being given to the people who detract from the good of the HPD and all the police force in general. We just wanted to do something to show that we support them,” said Jake, emergency worker and friend of HPD officers

Jake helped create the Facebook page, We Support the HPD that has nearly two thousand members since it was created this weekend.

“Recent events, regardless of anything, we wanted to show the police department that we have supporters out there for them,” said Jake.

This support comes a week after Jonathan Garay was fatally shot by a Hazleton Police officer after police said Garay tried to raise a gun towards officers during a struggle earlier this month in Hazleton. Garay’s family believes he was unjustly shot. They want to see the officer that shot him tried for murder.

“It happened where, whether this man aimed a gun at police officers or not he was a threat to them and their lives. They did what they were trained to do,” said “Jane”.

Jane’s brother patrols in Hazleton. She has recently started the Facebook page HPD Justice to show her support for the police force.

Both pages started out as a place to show their support and appreciation for HPD, but plenty of friends on Facebook want to help raise money for HPD’s efforts. That’s why Jake plans to open a bank account for the HPD so people can donate money to help the officers better patrol the area.

Jake said he has been advised to not hold a rally, because it may cause more harm than good to the community and officers.










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20 Responses

  1. This is just mind bugling! Only in Hazleton things go down this way. People have actually made this “Us vs. Them” I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Read very carefully this quote from the lady…” whether this man aimed a gun at police officers or not he was a threat to them and their lives. They did what they were trained to do,” said “Jane”.
    She justified a police officer killing someone. AMAZING.
    If they are trained to do their job right they find a way to stop anyone any other way. Not shooting a person in the back from the distance then walking into that persons kitchen and then shooting him in the face…Execution style. Think about that. That is not what a police officer is trained to do. The citizens SHOULD NOT FEAR cops, and that is exactly how we feel in Hazleton. WE ALL FEAR COPS. Just because we are Hispanics. Friday I read comments by regular citizens towards the Hispanic community that were totally out of line. Hate plain and simple. Just hate.
    Those people rally because is their right to do so. NOBODY notice the HPD not being present at the rally, well it was because they were banned from being there because it is a State Police case and the HPD was detained in the football field. The State and Troopers and the Department of Justice even shot down City Hall, but no Caucasian knows about it because the Cartoon-Like media here is holding information.
    Instead they are too busy misleading people and spreading rumors about gang activities during the rally. Amazing, people justifying the killing of a civilian..Only here.

  2. Haha, you are an idiot. I cannot go to Mexico because I was born in this Country. How about you Mr. Stav, you family came from Western Europe. Wow that is a long way. By the way, learn how to spell chicken head.

  3. Oh, I see. You don’t even live in this little inferno, yet you express your opinion on this. Wow, incredible, hating from far away. I am glad at least one “Captain America” is away from this town in this issue. Uff, I feel safe now.

  4. my family does n i used to work inthat nice town which is like a 3 rd world country now

  5. An a lot of crime commited by white citizens, black citizens, Asians, etc. Like everywhere else.

  6. Oh, great. So you remember when this town was called “Mob Town” Don’t you? Maybe that is what most people are missing from this place. Nepotism, and stuff like that. Where everyone here has a job because a family member “hooked him/her up”. The good ol’ way ah? The only way these people know how to get a job. Hahaha, amazing

  7. and now its crime ridden murders e ct never happened before

  8. Of course not. When they do it is “business”, when minorities do it is “crime”

  9. just look up crime statistics fool

  10. Hahaha, I think you are right Matthew

  11. TAMMY SHAFER says:


  12. So if he pointed the gun at the police officers, what should they have done? Not that any of us know the story until the DA makes her decision, but obviously he was being chased for a reason. Instead of just being arrested, he decided to fight back, with a deadly weapon. This is not the first time this has happened. They can claim police brutality, but these men have a job to do. That job is keeping our community safe. Fighting in the streets at 3 am, running from police, and resisting arrest makes you a threat. The family can claim he was innocent and the police just stormed in the house at random and shot him, but unfortunately that story is not very believable. I think the DA would agree.

  13. Either way I think people need to all realize both sides are suffering here, the guy was 26yrs old with a child and family he was killed. Regardless of how or who did it, have some sympathy for the family losing a loved one, the child who lost a father, and the rest of the family who are all affected by this and are innocent. Then the officer who pulled the trigger, other officers on the scene, and all of the HPD because of the threats made they’re families will be holding their breaths everyday they leave for work. The officer who shot him will now have to watch his back everyday and fear for his family, all the officers will now be scrutinized by many for 1 possibly ‘shooting for revenge’ or ‘profiling’, that’s not fair that they all fall under this umbrella of being a treat to the Spanish community and now the cops will be scared to protect and serve, and the Spanish will be afraid to turn to the cops when they need help. Then the Spanish are all put under an umbrella of being a ‘gang member’ a ‘drug dealer’ people who just hate the police and are out to kill them, they will be further scrutinized by people for holding a peaceful rally (it is their right! its everyone’s right to assemble). Now the report still has not been released so nobody knows for sure the evidence the DA has, you could say I know so and so their family members a state cop and this is what happened, or I know the family and this is what happened. the DA is ‘suppose to do their own investigation to make sure what was given as evidence is fact. Until that report comes out nobody should be all at each other’s throats over just wanting to feel safe! Safe that the police will protect, and safe that gangs wont target them. Either way the only way to see change and feel safer and support our under paid, over worked, unrespected police and the family who lost a loved one is by coming together as a community and stop allowing this division of hate. Support all involved, start having more community gatherings, people of all races start teaching their children respect for others (treat people how you want to be treated) and get them more involved with aspects of the community! Not running the streets or with no parental supervision most of the time. I find it appalling how this is being split and what some people are saying, just another thing that frightens me and doesn’t want to allow my kids around hazleton or anyone in it! So much arrogance, hatred, ignorance, superiority, lack of acceptance, miserable closed minded people. Yes there was no where near the crime before the illegals started rolling in, then Spanish citizens came from the city cuz of it being cheaper and we did have nice school’s (the problem was the kids grew up in bad parts of NY or wherever, then no parental guidance due to having to work and they run a muck. Grew up and joined gangs or hung with the wrong crowd and don’t change the style) also true for whites more and more the kids see drug addicted parents who only care about where their habit is coming from, or their parents have to work they grow up hang with the wrong crowd end up in crack/herion dens and never change. its all one vicious cycle! it started by wanting to have the new latest and greatest product for themselves or their kids and it gets younger every year. Peoples obsession with stuff and judgment for who has what makes you who you are and defines you, is whats wrong today they went to work to pay for shiy they nor their kids need cuz thats more important than one staying home to care, love, and pay positive attention to their kids. Now everyones in debt, broke, and losing everything for not living within their means, so now both parents need a job if not 2 jobs each. So someone please explain to me how racially dividing and hating cops is the answer to making hazleton better? If this was reversed how would you feel then? forget about the possibilities of the cop had it out for him cuz of a issue with another family member, or that this human who is dead was a gangbanger, drug dealer, violent horrible criminal. Be sorry to the people who lost a loved one and sorry to all cops for getting a bad rap and now having to be afraid to protect us all cuz they don’t get paid enough to be taken away from their family. Remember taking a persons life justified or not is some that he’ll have to live with the rest of his life, people say it haunts you and never gets easier so don’t think this officer is just dandy and unaffected personally. Look how our soldiers come home from war, and no I’m not defending either side! I’m defending the fact this is ALL WRONG, and everyone needs to work for change for the kods today to have positive role models. Monkey see Monkey do! A child learns by action and observations, not by peptalks and telling them notto do something you do.

  14. Hey, HPD Justice. Neither you nor us know what happened that night. The cops are expert lairs here and everywhere else. That is their “Famous code” so, get a grip on life. All I am doing here is exercising my right to question authority. To believe blindly what authority say is acting exactly the way they want you to. Is obey without reasoning. Only soldiers do that, NOT REGULAR CITIZENS. Sorry for you and all that follow your page. In the mean time we just have to wait what the Justice Department, and CRS has to say at the end of the investigation. And you better believe there was wrong doing, because it the whole thing was justified the cop’s name would have been made public, and the whole thing would have been over by now. YOU GUYS WILL BE DISAPPOINTED BIG TIME.

  15. My family member is a police officer and a fought in the Iraq War, not a liar. I do not need to “get a grip on life/
    You can exercise your right all you’d like. The cops name was made public, and I can assume he will be cleared. Hopefully one day your in need of an officer’s help, and you realize they are brave, heroic individuals.

  16. I am out! I just can’t read what some people here are trying to say.

  17. I attempted to have an intelligent conversation with you

  18. Oh yes we actually did HPD, we did. I refer to comments made by Mr. Jim Stav and Ms. Tammy Shafer. HPD Justice be asure that we had a healthy conversation, opposed to those 2 people mentioned above.

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