Sequester to Hurt Local Social Services

Lawmakers must cut 85 billion dollars of cuts in the national budget, or else.

While some small communities will take a big hit if the cuts take affect, Hazleton won’t.

Emergency survices in Hazleton won’t feel the impact of the cuts immediately, because they are funded by state and local taxes, not federal dollars. But both do receive federal grants.

Schullykill United Way offers many social services, like child development, emergency shelter and drug prevention. Executive Director Kelly Malone says her branch and branches across the country will feel the impact.

Specifically, her branch could lose a hundred fifty five thousand dollars that would support child development.

Congress remains locked in a standstill. They have a March first deadline to do something before the cuts go into effect.

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  1. Well, we can’t just keep acting like money grows on trees. The govt needs to operate within its means or the money will run out, just like it does in our personal budgets. Bad thing is that Congress is a popularity contest and its not popular to cut the fat that needs to be cut. I do support united way and think it would be smart of them to start looking other places for that revenue.

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