Senator Bob Casey Visits Keystone Job Corps

Senator Bob Casey

It’s a place of growth; gaining skills to compete for jobs. For Terry, it’s his road to a better life. Terry is originally from Philadelphia and is working towards his GED at The Keystone Job Corps in Drums. The Job Corps plays a critical role in helping at risk youth, in PA.Recently the Department of labor announced an enrollment freeze for the Job Corps Programs around the country. The freeze could mean the loss of jobs for 450 PA employees and students like Terry wouldn’t be able to receive the critical job training offered by the state. Senator Bob Casey has stepped in to find answers about the enrollment freeze. Maryanne has been working at the Job Corps for 35 years and feels strongly about her students. Dedicated employees’ hard work has not gone unnoticed. Senator Casey says employees like Maryanne should not have to pay for the mistakes in budget. In the senators letter to The Honorable Daniel R Petrole, to furthur an investigation, he brought up concerns relating to the  programs efficiency. He asked if the department took the necessary steps to implemet tools to control 2011’s shortfalls, which allowed $5.6 million of funds to expire. Some programs have already been cut because of the lack of funding for the school. Terry hopes more cuts aren’t made so his future goals can be met.



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