Schuylkill County Food Pantries Suffering, Still Meeting The Need

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 5.38.07 PM Suzy Dukker started running a food pantry in Ringtown because she saw there was a need for it a few years ago.

That was back in 2008 when they served just 20 families. Today, she says they give food to dozens more.

An economic stimulus package from 2009 expired this November  cutting food stamps by more than five percent. But that’s not all that’s being cut. The USDA, which provides some food for local pantries, has been decreasing the amount of food it gives. It fell from 11-thousand cases in 2011 to about 2000 cases this year.

Jason Schally works with Schuylkill Community Action. The nonprofit gets food from the USDA and then distributes it to food pantries in the area. He says the decrease has made feeding the need a challenge.

Suzy says they’ll still be able to meet the need this year, but she’s not sure about the future.

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