School District Promotes At Home Learning

heights terrace, 2nd grade

Elementary school teacher, Kelly Shemansky wants her students to excel in school. While she spends all day teaching children in her classroom at Heights Terrace Elementary, she said their education shouldn’t stop there.

“When parents get involved, kids are more likely to: earn better grades, show improved behavior, attend school regularly, and later on down the road graduate and continue their education,” according to

That’s why Hazleton Area School district has started the “read with me” program, to promote literacy within the home. Think of it as a tutoring lesson for mom and dad. The teachers will meet with parents and show them how they can help their little learners at home. The program will have aids available to babysit while parents speak with teachers. In the second half of the program students will work with their parents on those skills discussed right there at Heights Terrace. Parents with children in pre-k through 2nd grade in the district are welcome to attend the program with their children. The first session begins at 6pm on September 25th. Parents are asked to come early to register or they can enroll online. The event will be held 4 times this year on Wednesdays so parents are welcome to sign up for any of the future dates.The event is meant to open the lines of communication between parents and their children.  If parents can’t attend the meeting, Kelly asks parents to try and take some extra time out with their little ones, because it could make all the difference.


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