Sacrificing Time for Safety

Some opening day glitches delayed the start of class Thursday morning at the Hazleton Area High School Campus, but top administrators say that was to be expected. Already, administrators are considering making some changes to speed things up. Dozens of students were waiting in line to get into the High School building, which caused class to start about 25 minutes late Thursday. The delay coming from new security measures put in place. Metal detectors and bag checks will now be an everyday thing for all 33-hundred students on campus. District Administrators are proud of the students’ behavior and expect this new procedure to become faster. High School Principal, Rocco Patrone, tells News 13 that students will become faster at this process and learn what to remove before going through the metal detectors. District Superintendent, Dr. Francis Antonelli, adds that additional metal detectors and security personal may be added to help speed up the process. Dr. Antonelli also says, he will sacrifice time for the safety of students. Students are allowed in the buildings as early as 7am and are welcome to eat breakfast before class starts. No weapons were found on any student on campus Wednesday morning, so District Officials feel the delay at the start of the day was worth it. In addition, buses are expected to be delayed for the fist few days while drivers learn their new routes.

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