Cong. Lou Barletta

Join Sam as he interviews Congressman Lou Barletta from Pennsylvania. He discusses the attack ad that is airing on tv.

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  1. Joe Umbriac says:

    Hello Sam,

    I got a satellite dish. Direct TV and subsequenty, unknowingly I lost channel 13.
    I went to Radio Shack and bought an antenna and box whch I was told would allow me to access channel 13. However that was to no avail, I then went back to Radio Shack and got some other electronic gadgets. They didnt work either.
    I then saw an advertisement that made mention of the fact that I could access channel 13 on the World Wide Web.
    I lucked out. I just fnished watching you and Congressman Barletta. discussing several topics of great interest.
    Fantastic. I am now one happy camper
    Thank You so much for bringing these types of informative shows of local interest to us

    Our little girls Dad.

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