Organic Eating w/ Maria Rodale Part 2

Dr. Tom Meade talks with CEO of Rodale Press, Maria Rodale about her new book and organic diets. And he also speaks with Dawn Brazick who discusses organic gardening.

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  1. Terry says:

    Dr. Meade,

    I have not watched your show nor do I watch a lot of local programming; however, your shows with Maria Rodale and discussing the importance and health benefits of organic farming and foods were excellent. I really don’t watch any TV on a regular basis as it is difficult to find quality shows – it was so refreshing to watch your informative shows. I think it is an extra benefit that this is local – this is typically a subject that receives absolutely zero local coverage and I thought you did an excellent job in providing this important information to our local market.

    Thank you for trying to educate us on this important subject – you are truly a physician that is concerned with true ‘health’ – thank you.


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