Neighborhood A-BUZZ!


You have to see it to believe it. A swarm of honey bees made a pit stop at one home in Hazle Township Tuesday evening. Frightened neighbors had to “BEEware” until a professional beekeeper came to take care of this buzzing situation. The swarm of honey bees stopped at a home along Winters Avenue and when the bees were out to play, children were ordered to stay away! Families waited inside their homes until beekeeper, Elmer Swelgin, took care of the situation. Swelgin tells News 13, the colony was led to the home by the queen bee due to an overcrowding problem back at the nest. The bees temporarily stay was cut short so neighbors could come out of hiding. After capturing these honey bees, Swelgin took them to a new home in the mountains. As far as this being a dangerous situation, honey bees only show defensive behavior when around their nest to protect their young and food supply. A honey bee swarm has neither young or food.


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