Man Attacked at Gas Station

Shell Station on Rt. 93

A Harrisburg man felt the pain at the pump over the weekend…and it
wasn’t high gas prices that hurt him.
**Police say this Shell Gas Station, that sits along Route 93 in
Sugarloaf township is where a 27-year-old victim was greeted by a man
that literally jumped out of the woods and asked for cash Sunday morning.
When the victim said he didn’t have cash, the suspect pulled out a knife
and began poking at him.
The victim was able to knock the blade out of the suspects hand and
fight him off, but not without having both his arms cut up.The suspect,
who got away, is being described as a white male in his 40’s, with salt
and pepper thinning hair. He is missing teeth and has a large nose. He
is approximately six feet tall, 145 pounds. He was wearing dirty blue
jeans and a dark t-shirt.Anyone with information is asked to call police
by dialing 911.

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