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3 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    I never complained about the pet store that was there for 25 years, but I DO NOT like what I see now! Many of us have several concerns and I will probably stop using the Laurel Mall completely until they are gone. I cannot stand to hear the dogs crying plaintively in the morning, and frankly I do not believe they are being taken care of, plus they are from puppy mills.

  2. Debra Mainiero says:

    Spoken like someone who knows NOTHING about puppy mills and the fact that these puppies are “manufactured” for places like this. I’m with a rescue. One of our fosters went into this pet store and confronted an employee about a puppy that was visibly ill. Employee said the dog had just seen a vet….as the dog’s eyes rolled back into its head. Pennsylvania needs to ban this practice, as other states have.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tell that to the multiple dogs and cats that come into my work sick covered in fleas and mites. Kittens with upper respiratory infections. Some of the dogs have kennel cough as well from there. Having multiple dogs not vaccinated corectly by a vet in the same area is asking for them to get sick. The workers might take care of them. Realisticaly how often do they really see a real licensed veterinarian for any medical issues? None of the animals that came to my work brought in medicine that the animal was being given. None of the clients where told the animal was sick either.

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