Help for Baby Arianna


Family, friends along with the community got together on Saturday to raise money for a very special baby. Little Arianna is the daughter of Ashley Gennaro and Eric Lugo. The parents learned during the pregnancy  that their new baby girl would have a disorder called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia or better known as CDH. CDH affects about 1 in every 2,500 babies. It is a hole in the diaphragm, which is the muscle under the lungs. Because of this hole the organs from the abdomen are able to move up into the chest. As if this disorder wasn’t enough some other complications came about during the pregnancy and birth. The fundraiser held at Saint John Bosco’s Church included various tricky trays,a 50/50 and a bake sale. All of the funds raised at the event is going directly to Angela and Eric to help relieve some of the stress of their living expenses. It also allows them to spend more time with their new daughter and keep in touch with doctors.

If readers were unable to make it to the fundraiser but would like to make a donation, you can contact Angela on Facebook at Angela Gennaro Turse.



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