Hazleton Reacts to Illegal Immigration Debate


Hazleton has made national headlines once again. Some folks in the area think illegal immigrants need to get the right paper work to start working. Others said that illegal immigrants don’t have the right to work at all. Whether people agree with the government’s ” Path to Immigration” or not there’s no hiding, the Hispanic population has grown 30% since 2000. Efron Hernandez owns a business on East Diamond Avenue in Hazleton. He’s also a legal immigrant from the Domincan Republic. He said it’s hard for illegal immigrants to get jobs around the area. Dominican House’s Victor Perez agreed with Efron. Victor said  illegal immigrants who are committing crimes have no right to be here. Still, folks said there is no denying it legal or not, immigrants  have been making waves in this area.



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2 Responses

  1. victor perez says:

    It is important to remember that the Constitution of The United States stablish that the family have to be preserved. How many kids born here and those parent’s are “illegals”? What we gonna do? sending back the parent’s of thats Citizens Kids it is not the solution, it is part of the problem. The United Family first.

  2. When people are convicted of a crime and sent to prison the sentience is not set aside because they have children. Immigrating to a country illegally is a crime, so yes, we are going to send them back. The Constitution of the United States applies to United States citizens.

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