Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea

Sam talks with Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea about the new ordinances he would like to create in the city.

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2 Responses

  1. i am very upset about the new ordiance that was passed. i look forward to the funfest every year. all those vendors that give up 1 weekend a year to make hazleton a betterplace. what is happening to this city it is really going down hill fast. i understand about the money situation but cant they figure something else they can do and have all the car shows funfest and all the other great things we have in hazleton. if funfest is cancelled they arfe going =to be alot of angry people here in hazleton alot of people go either to eat the delicious food walk around and especially the parade. please figure out something else we can do. and how about the hamber of commercde they have alot tgo dso with the funfest and alot of other good things. think of the people in hazleton for a change not the dollar sign

  2. robert says:

    i think chief dandrea should be fired for being a hypocrit cryin about money being spent how much did it cost to do this big investigation that when he knew he was at fault still tried to lie his way outta how about reimburseing the county for that ?

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