Hazleton Hosts Fun Day For I-81 Bus Victims

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Some serious business often goes down here at Hazleton City Hall. But today, it’s a playground for the nearby YMCA. Hazleton Chief of Police Frank De Andrea hosted a day of fun there for the victims of the I-81 bus accident.

He called around the community, asking who could help give the children a special day. He had some of his police force display their eqiptment.

A local pizza joint donated lunch for the children, and the fire department showed off their trucks to them.

But for these kids, it’s all about moving on. Little 8-year-old Zoe Pesco remembers exactly how the impact of the crash felt.

Chief DeAndrea was also able to plan a special day for the childen to the JFK Pool in Pottsville, where the bus was heading before the accident. A local law firm, HGSK, is funding the trip.

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