Graffiti in Downtown Hazleton

Unwanted artwork is becoming a big problem in parts of downtown
Hazleton. Symbols and words have been spray painted all over buildings
in the areas of Laurel and Green streets and Spruce Alley. The “tagged”
properties were targeted over the weekend and while some of the graffiti
was already cleaned up, it is still visible and more continues to appear
each day. Graffiti has long been a problem in the Greater Hazleton area
but police are hoping whoever decided to decorate the downtown
buildings, were caught on camera. Hazleton City has over 30 cameras all
around downtown and some ARE indeed located in this area. While some
graffiti is innocent, just kids fooling around, graffiti is usually the
first indicator that street gang activity is present in your community.
Graffiti is used by drug dealers to advertise narcotics and is also used
to mark a territory or turf of a certain gang. If you know anything
about this unwanted artwork or if you see graffiti in your neighborhood
call police immediately.

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3 Responses

  1. i wont hit the like button because i think its a shame how hazleton is starting to look like a big mess!!!!

  2. They need to let them paint murels and such all over town. Gotta admit they are great artists……

  3. christopher says:

    i agree with tim . there are those who are good at what they do and there should be somewhere for them to go and just legally write . i feel that the gang tags (the ones that have no style should be buffed but the nice stuff should just be left alone especially since this city is so delapidated it would bring some color to the city and brighten things up a bit . if anything they should just worry bout the gang tags and garbage on the street other wise give us(the citizens of this city ) a place to go and have a blast legally .

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