Governor Corbett Chats with Chamber


Corbett Comes to Town

Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Corbett was not sugar coating the issues on Wednesday. The governor answered a slew of questions relating to the big issues during a sit down interview with several Chambers from NorthEastern Pennsylvania at The Woodland’s Inn in Plains Township. Hazleton Area Chamber members were anxious to have questions relating to transportation, liquor privatization and pensions answered by the governor. Corbett said the issues never have a quick fix. However, he did give a few solutions to some of the bigger issues, like privatizing liquor. Corbett said P.A. is behind the times when it comes to privatizing. He wants to give Pennsylvanians the choice of convenience. Not to mention, the state will receive a one time payment of 1.2 to 3 billion dollars if it decides to privatize.  Corbett said that money should  be used towards funding the education of students in Pennsylvania. The governor also spoke briefly about the importance of growth in the area. He said the economy can grow with the help of lower taxes, meaning more money in the consumers pocket. The Chambers were pleased to have Corbett speak directly about issues in their area and hope that the lines of communication stay open in the future.

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