Goodbye to Bill Berry

He is an icon in the local News business, an American hero as a Veteran
and a friend to many. News 13’s Bill Berry has retired AGAIN from his
job as a journalist and we are all so sad to see him go. The News 13
family gathered together at Meas in Downtown Hazleton Tuesday night to
throw one big party for Bill Berry who has been a member of our team
since 1997. If you are a police officer in the area, you know Bill
Berry, if you are a judge or work in the local courts, you know Bill
Berry, If you are an elected official in the area you know Bill Berry
and if you are a journalist, you of course know Bill Berry. He is an
icon and has been since his days working as a very respected journalist
at the Standard Speaker. Bill first retired from the Standard Speaker
before coming to News 13 where he continued his career in the news
business and became the “go to man” in the News 13 newsroom for
everything and anything we needed to know. He always had an answer and
always had the phone number that was needed. We will miss you bill so
very much and we wish you nothing but the best of luck and good health
as you enjoy this time with your family and friends. News 13 would like
to thank Mayor Joe Yannuzzi for providing Bill with a special
proclamation and to Congressman Lou Barletta for issuing a personal
citation. Good luck Bill! We already miss you!

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