FNCB ROBBED…Alleged suspect is MinSec Inmate

Police know who was responsible for robbing the First National Community Bank in downtown Hazleton Friday. The bank was robbed just after 9:30am.  Hazleton City Police say it was 41-year-old Kevin Parks, a resident of MinSec in Downtown Hazleton, who committed the crime. Parks reportedly told the bank teller that he had a gun, but did not show one, and demanded money. He fled the scene on foot. Parks left MinSec this morning on a pass, but never arrived at his destination. Police say MinSec Employees helped identify Parks. Parks is originally from Scranton, but has been an inmate at MinSec. Parks remains at large and police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. He was last seen wearing a white tee-shirt and blue jeans. Parks stands 5’10” tall, has brown eyes, black hair and a beard. FNCB Bank is closed. If you have any additional information, dial 911 right away.




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