Fire Victim Allegedly Sells Drugs

Just three days after flames destroyed her Hazle Township home, a local
woman was charged with trying to sell crack at Hazleton General
Hospital. News 13 has been following the story of Melvin and Subreena
Lowe, who lost their West Hazleton home in a fire earlier this month. We
have just learned Monday that Subreena Lowe was charged with trying to
sell crack at Hazleton General Hospital, just three days after that
blaze destroyed her home. Police said they went to the hospital on the
morning of February 9, after receiving information that a woman was
selling crack cocaine from inside the hospital. That’s when police found
Lowe on the 3rd floor with a small amount of the suspected drug. Lowe
will ultimately have to answer to the charges before District Judge
Zola, but she denied allegations Friday morning to News 13, saying “she
has no time, with the condition of her husband’s health, to do such
things.” News 13 also spoke with Cathleen Benyo Friday morning who had
just learned of the allegations and says ” she is shocked by the
revelation and if in fact if these allegations prove to be true, she and
her husband who have gone above and beyond to provide a home for the
couple, will continue to have zero tolerance for this type of activity.
The Benyo’s aren’t the only ones who came to the Lowes’ aid in the days
after the fire. The Pulaski Club presented $1,000 to her and her
husband. Lowe was charged with possession of a controlled substance and
possession of drug paraphernalia.

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5 Responses

  1. If that true shame on her. She was given a beautiful home with everything in it from a good family and that is the thanks they get. She was also given money from the club. If true put her husband back in a home for care and put her back on the street.

  2. oh my…Its totally crazy!!!

  3. give the home to someone that really needs a new home

  4. Welcome to Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

  5. Nicole Lowe Jones says:

    I am the daughter of Mr. Melvin Lowe Jr.,and personally, I cannot believe that my fathers picture has been posted with this story when he is not the person charged with any crime.Now my father who is wheelchair bound has a stigma associated with his name.My father cannot cash checks donated to him, let alone spend them. My father is currently hospitalized and I resent that he is being dragged through the mud with his wife and her antics. My family and myself would like it in the future if his picture would not be used in any way with Subrenna and her drug charges.My father has to spend the rest of his life being taken care of why should he suffer consequences of actions he is not capable of.

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