Family Mourns Murder-Suicide Victims

Stacy A. Walton

Almost 10 months after a horrible tragedy, it’s still difficult for the family of a victim of a murder-suicide to address what happened.  Stacy Walton, 41 and her estranged husband, 51 year old John Walton were found shot to death in their home in Butler Township back in December of 2012.  While they both died of a single gunshot wound, it took months of forensic testing to determine exactly who was the shooter, and who was the victim. Police have ruled that John Walton shot his wife then turned the gun on himself.

Now that police have confirmed the deaths, Stacy Walton’s family has released a statement.

“It was her husband that used it (the gun) to make sure that Stacy would never leave him…. What she endured the hours before he killed her can only be characterized as torture,” the family said.

 The family calls the acts vicious and vile, saying John literally had Stacy’s blood on his hand. Before their deaths Stacy and John were going through a divorce. Stacy had no contact abuse order against her husband almost a year before the shooting. While the family says all she wanted was to live a life of peace they hope this tragedy will be a lesson to others in domestic abuse violence cases.




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3 Responses

  1. Donna DeMelfi says:

    Dear Julie Now finally Stacy’s family can. And will have peace We all knew what happened. There never was a doubt in any of our minds as to what happened that horrible day when a beautiful and wonderful. Mother Daughter was taken away What she endured prior to her death should have never happen. I hope the family of this selfish an who took her life now has plenty of time to think about what their son did and young Mother and Beautiful Daughter and Precious Sister who’s life was taken by this monster What kind of a cold hearted murderer was capable of such a horrible crime. The sad part is that John Walton will pay one day for this violent murder. I hope he lives each and every day in Hell. Love and prayers and hugs to you, Julie and Dom, to John Ross, and to the friends and Family of Stacey Marino Walton May you find Peace and Comfort that the truth was finally know by all. That Beautiful Angel is watching over all of you! I Love you Julie

    • sue ann says:

      Really? Why do people feel the need to make such horrible comments? Were you privy on a day to day basis as to what went on in this “marriage”? Unless you were in that house the night this occurred….please, keep your comments to yourself. It is not our decision as to who lives each and every day in Hell. There are so many more things that went on, and the end result should NEVER have been this! TWO families lost someone, and to say anything concerning Johnny’s family is out of line and uncalled for. Johnny was a monster? What did HE have to endure for years? Stop making out one party to be above reproach and the other a demon. You are not the final judgement. The comments I have seen are inflammatory and should not have been allowed to post. Has anyone contacted Johnny’s family for their feelings on what has occurred? No. They have spent years watching what was done to their son, brother, and uncle……and still they have chosen not to condemn or feed into the vile way this whole situation has been portrayed. The public displays from the first reporting in December have continually been slanted. But I guess when you were never really a parent to any of your children, you don’t want that to come out, so you must yell louder about the other person????
      This needs to be put to rest, as they both were. The grieving process should not include condemning anyone else. Look what is in your own heart before you try to judge what is in another persons.

  2. marylou buchman says:

    happened to come across this item there is a saying the abused become the abuser in social work John Walton did not grow up in an abusive family John grew up in a loving stable environment But I don’t think Stacey did her biological mother was abused by joe her husband in front of their daughter and her mother left Stacey’s father in fact she also left Stacey w an abuser no one ever saw Stacey with any signs of physical abuse nor did she ever saw she was I am sure her aunt who deals with abused n battered women would have seen the signs but I saw plenty on John especially from the metal floor candelabra John filed from divorce from Stacey her special friend at the time worked in a plant n now is a police officer found it amazing that her aunt came with corner n with no cking of crime sign pointed at the two n said murder suicide how do I know all this John’s mother n I are cousins

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