Crossroad Concerns

Freeland Intersection

He’s calling it a dangerous intersection in his community and wants
something done before someone gets killed.
**Maybe it’s because many of James Cawley’s children and grandchildren
have to cross the intersection every day to get to his house or maybe he
is just a concerned community member. Either way, Cawley says this
intersection is a accident waiting to happen. The intersection is at the
cross roads of Sawmill Road and Highland Road, Foster Township. Highland
Road is a pretty busy area. It’s not unusual to find fast moving traffic
or large trucks.While News 13 was at the intersection with Cawley, a
truck making it’s way on Sawmill Road to the intersection not only had
to pass the stop sign to check for traffic, but Cawley says the pine
trees make it extra difficult to see down the road.
**News 13 spoke with Foster Township Supervisor George Ann Eckrote who
tells us the owner of the property planted the trees several years ago.
However, Eckrote is uncertain if the trees are planted on state right of
way or the homeowner’s property. The trees are most likely the
responsibility of the home owner, considering they are on private
property, but Cawley believes the home owner should cut them down to
make the intersection in Foster Township safer.

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