Chief Talks Crime

Several, violent crimes, happening at any given time in the City of Hazleton, have some community members frightened. Police are investigating each and every incident, but Hazleton’s top cop says the community needs to come together and take a stand. On August 3rd, a 25-year-old man was shot several times outside of a Locust street home, near the Immanuel Christian School. Two days later, in another part of the City, 29-year-old Aaron Resnick was found beaten, lying in the middle of the street. Resnick’s injuries were so bad, he was unrecognizable and later died. Fast-forward to Thursday, August 16th, shots fired from a car in broad daylight, straight into a home. The same home where the man was found shot weeks before. Unfortunately, gunshots are becoming a familiar sound these days in Hazleton. The City’s top cop, Frank DeAndrea, says there is no rhyme or reason to the City’s crime. The violent crime has some people scared, not knowing when or where a dangerous situation could happen. DeAndrea says, these are not all random acts. He could not confirm, but the two Locust Street incidents may be connected. Police do believe Aaron Resnick’s beating was a separate incident. That death investigation is still ongoing. Some City residents fear to call Police because they do not want to become the victim. Others are outraged and make no hesitation when it comes to keeping their neighborhood safe. Chief DeAndrea says, the people of Hazleton need to take a stand and call Police immediately to help. Some concerned residents turned to News 13’s Facebook page demanding the City to bring in the National Guard, begging for help, and even asking if they should buy a gun. In addition to the community doing its’ part, Chief DeAndrea will meet with the FBI’s Violent Crime Task Force on Monday. Chief DeAndrea did say there are many gangs in the City of Hazleton and children as young as 9-years-old are being recruited to be a part of organized crime.

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  1. …we don’t THINK so in America…we all came hear, learned the language, and WORKED…this is not the American way…!

  2. The law enforcement, and especially the Mayor of Hazleton and its Legal Council, along with your state and federal representatives/senators, need to make it very clear to the people of Hazleton just HOW TO take a stand against what is happening in Hazleton. Train your responsible citizens in how to combat crime…you cannot appeal alone to what amounts to ‘sham involvement’, without FIRST a very specific legal guidance combined with police training of the innocent and vulnerable citizens…any other call to getting involved is, sadly, ineffectually, mute and sham…you must give people solid facts, tools, and unite as a civil but determined community to turn Hazleton around.

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