Category: Inside Scoop

Maryanne Petrilla

Mike DeCosmo and Dr. Dave Sosar talk with Luzerne County Commissioner Chair. Maryanne Petrilla. Topics include the recent flooding and the new Home Rule Government.

Senator Yudichak

Hosts, Rick Morelli and Mike DeCosmo talk with 14th Dist. PA State Senator John Yudichak about the recent flooding in Northeast PA, college tuition, and more.

Sam Marolo

Hosts Rick Morelli, Dave Sosar and Mike DeCosmo talk with HASD Superintendant Sam Marolo about the Hazleton Area School Board.

Robbie Wallace

Hosts, Rick Morelli and Dave DeCosmo talk with HASD Candidate Robbie Wallace about the “Superintendent Buyout” and the proposed magnet school.


Randy Cahalan and Phil Andras from the Hazleton Water Authority discuss the progress of their department involving new water tank projects and new billing systems.

Hazleton Area School District Issues

Rick Moreli and Tom Marnell sit down with former HASD Super intendent Dr. Geraldine Shepperson to discuss the issues that plague the school district and how some of the solutions proposed will affect it.

Hazleton Area School District

Mike DeCosmo and Tom Marnell sit down with two candidates running for the last School Board seat; Marfy Degenhart Yanac and Rocco Formica. The Panel discusses what changes they would do to solve the Read More