Category: Feelin Good

Patient Testimonial

Deb Lesante and Dr. Joe Bafile from Bafile Family Chiropractic talk with one of his patients, Rob, who came to Dr. Bafile with a serious hip issue that he thought he needed surgery on.

Cold Laser Therapy

Dr. Joe Bafile from Bafile Family Chiropractic and Deb Lesante speak with a patient who lost most of her hearing due to TMJ surgery. Through cold laser therapy treatments, her hearing is getting better.

Personal Injury Representation

Deb Lesante & Dr. Joe Bafile go on a “Bafile-trip” to the law office of Gillespie, Miscavige, Ferdinand & Baranko, LLC to discuss what you should do if you are in a car accident.


Dr. Joe Bafile of Bafile Family Chiropractic in Conyngham, Pennsylvania and host Deb Lesante discuss the condition of the month. And Dr. Joe is awarded the 5 star excellence award by his peers.