Breaking News: Hazleton Area High School/Restricted Movement

Developing Story: Around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, The Hazleton
Area High School and Career Center was put under “Restrictive Movement”
after a fight. According to School Officials, one student was hurt in
the altercation. Police and School Officials were searching for one of
the Students believed to have been involved in the fight. The Schools
were searched. Hazleton City Police reportedly found that student in the
city, not in the Schools. The Student is currently in Police Custody. No
word on if charges were or will be filed. No word on the condition of
the student injured in the fight. As of 2:10 p.m., ALL students were
released from “Restrictive Movement” and class went back to normal.
There were reports of weapons being involved in the fight…News 13 was
at the school…We have reaction from Parents, School Officials and
Police Live at 5:00 p.m. on News 13.

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14 Responses

  1. tina says:

    Everyday my daughter goes to school I do nothing but worry about a fight. Something needs to be done to monitor these kids more closely. Could you imagine yourself being locked down and feeling the fear these kids feel? Everything is changing and there is diversity but some of these kids refuse to accept that! Parents need to get a handle on their kids as well!

  2. Janet Dzuranin says:

    I am constantly worried about my childrens safety at the school. Todays incident is currently way out of hand and I really wish people would wait until they hear the real story before rumors get out of hand. While this was going on today I was in contact with my kids and some of their friends and their where so many different stories going around……Where are the metel detectors this school has and why are they not used on a daily basis. If our school is that bad that we have to hire a police officer would it not be smart to have these metal detectors working at all times…..also guess what the kids are in dress code things did not change one bit

  3. carrie says:

    This is exactly why my kids will never see the inside of any Hazleton Area school. I home-cyber school my kids and its the best thing for them. I don’t need to worry about guns and such things like this happening, being scared about will my kids make it home ok from school. It is a sin that this continues in our area schools. Are the metal detectors that were installed just there for decoration? I blame the parents just as much for what happens in the school because they don’t pay attention to what the kids do and what they carry to school. Whoever was in this fight should be expelled from school along with anyone else that may follow. Maybe this will perk up the parents when they need to pay to send their kid to another school.

    • Marie says:

      this is no surprise to this school at all if the faculty was more fare in disciplining the students you might not have 1/2 the problems you have now and every year it gets worse

  4. sabrina says:

    I dont think this is as bad . As a student sitting in class thinking what is going on but why do the principals lie to us about it? Like okay the 9th grade center said there was weapons being used why do all the others say different? I think they should set boundaries there is no reason they are more worried about the dress code when ppl are getting beat up. Our safety should be more important not dress code.

  5. Marie says:

    expelling them is not the answer if they went back to the olden days of punishment then they would learn. let them clean the toilets everyday for a month and scrub the floors with a tooth brush expelling them is just what they want. unfortunately that is considered cruel and abusive . but they would learn from it

  6. Joy says:

    When are the taxpayers of Hazleton going to wake up! The students in the HASD are children and the taxpayers are the adults that call the shots. The school district is so afraid of these kids it is absolutely disgusting . We, the taxpayers, are in charge. It is a privelege to get an education. If you do not want to get an education here, MOVE OUT. We do not need your fighting, guns, drugs and all the other unnecessary nonsence that continues in this district. We the taxpayers need to clean house in the school district, students, teachers, aides, and administration.

    • Tiffany says:

      This town was not this bad when my 18 year old was in elementary school. This town started getting bad within the last ten years. It has been escalating getting worse and worse with all the Hispanics coming here. I realize that there are good and bad in all kinds. Unfortunately for the good Hispanics it’s ruined by the majority who came here to deal drugs and live off the welfare system. Anybody who will try to argue this point against me is a fool. Open your eyes people! We either have to leave or make a stand and abandon this town and leave it to them. Alot of times I read letters to the editor in the local paper and residents from Drums, and McAdoo and other outlying areas of Hazleton write that we need to accept these people and all get along but they don’t live here in fear like we have to. I look over my shoulder at all times. I have witnessed drug deals going on on many corners of our city. What about the burden in our schools, the majority of them don’t pay school taxes but have no problem ruining our schools. I am sick and tired and I can’t afford to send my kids to a catholic or private school. Our kids will never have the life here that we had when we were growing up and anyone who disputes this fact is lying to themselves. Everyone is afraid to admit the truth. I once overheard one of these women in a department store tell a clerk that she can afford the most expensive items because his government pays her well. They are not at all ashamed that they take advantage of the welfare system either.

  7. Doug Collins says:

    I went to and graduated from West Hazleton HS in 1985. I remember great times and a peaceful place to live. What’s happened to that quaint town?

  8. Crystal says:

    I cannot believe what Hazleton has turned it. I was a member of the Hazleton Area class of 2001. Yeah we had to worry of fights breaking out, which really wasn’t that often but never once had to worry if someone was going to have a gun, knife, etc. I cannot believe what that school has become, not only is it over populated but with all this chaos. I’d personally be scared to send my children to school in that area. My seven year old just moved last year and no longer attends Hazleton Area, I am forever grateful for that. Its going to come down to many parents just home schooling their children. But yet parents get fined and thrown in jail if their children miss too much school, who would want to worry day in and day out if their children are safe in a place where they are to be learning to further their education. Its just terrible and something needs to be done. Maybe they need to enforce dress codes and get metal detectors, really tighten down. No one should be afraid to go to school. Hazleton used to be an ok area, what the hell has the government let happen???? Terrible, terrible, terrible…………….

  9. Myra Bender says:

    I am a proud alumni of Marian Catholic High School. We never heard of any fights breaking out in school and I think I speak on behalf of the majority of us and our parents that we felt safe going to school each day. I hope to one day send my children there knowing they will be safe and also get the proper education they need to succeed.

  10. jonas says:

    Disciplining is the only answer. KICK “THEM” all out. They don’t want to be there. The administrators are so afraid of lawsuits. The taxpayers are the only ones suffering. We have wonderful students that want to learn and go to college. My son tells they don’t want to learn they take up space. But if you asked to get your kid switched so he can learn they say no more room. They get switched w/ no problem just because the administrators don’t want any flack. Keep bowing to them and give them what they want. The administrators: Every Dog has Their Day. Someday yours will come. Open your eyes and get tough on these people.

  11. Linda says:

    This is pretty sad, I arrived at this school to pick up my daughter unaware there was an restricted movement going on. 18 marked and unmarked cars on site with the media, my first response was WHAT THE FLIP is going on here. Find out from one of our local news media personnel that the school is locked down and they have a suspect. Wow, great just what I wanted to learn. No text messages from the school the school was locked down at all or for that matter that a serious enough situation was going on to lock down the school. I believe our school systems are going to hell in a hand basket pretty fast. Forget about the no child left behind, if these kids dont want to be in school put them out stop wasting my tax dollars, most of these kids don’t have respect for their parents, teachers or any one in authority for that matter. 50 percent of them don’t even have respect for themselves and our school systems end up dealing with nonsense like this because we as the parents and adults are so busy trying to be a friend to our kids so they can like us more than being a parent and teach them morals. Parents take back your control. As the state troopers stated to me when I took my daughter to them you are allowed to spank your kids as long as you are not breaking any bones, neglecting them or starving them you can whoop there butt, so parents do your jobs and stop being friends to your kids and teach them to respect and value others and their lives.

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