Arson in Hazleton

A building, already condemned by the City of Hazleton, was damaged by a

smoky fire Monday afternoon…a fire that was intentionally set.The fire

got its start in the basement of the large building at 100 -106 North

Wyoming Street in Center City Hazleton. Tuesday morning, a State Police
Fire Marshal was at the scene of the fire sifting through the rubble,
searching for a cause. It was quickly evident that this blaze was no
accident. Two mattresses were set on fire.
Flames spread from the basement through the walls to the other floors of
the building*.
*The building was turned over to the City’s Code Department.
The City is trying to contact the owner who does live out of town. The
Fire Marshal was conducting interviews in the neighborhood seeing if
anyone saw anything that could help investigators find the person who
set this blaze in Hazleton Monday. Dial 9-1-1 if you have information.

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