Accident at Broad and Monroe

There was a 3 car accident around 5pm Sunday night at the intersection of Broad St. and Monroe Ave. in West Hazleton. According to police, the driver of a Ford Focus with one passenger was traveling south on Broad St. and went through the red light. It struck the 18 year old male driver of a Honda Civic traveling East on Monroe Ave. The driver of a Mitsubishi and passenger were struck by the force of the 2 cars. Air bags deployed from the Ford Focus and the Honda Civic. Only the driver of the Honda Civic was taken to the hospital for checkup. He did have his seatbelt on. Police also told News 13 that the driver of the Ford Focus will be cited for running the red light and the driver of the Honda Civic will also be cited because he only has a learner’s permit. Traffic was blocked at this intersection for approximately 45 minutes while fire crews cleaned up alot of glass and debris from the roadway. The Ford and the Honda had to be towed because of extensive damage. The Mitsubishi was driven away by the driver.

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