Possible Banks Township Changes

Banks Township Supervisors

In Banks Township it’s no secret, Supervisors and residents are having a hard time getting along lately. Now two out of three supervisors want to make a change concerning monthly meetings and they had a lot to say to go along with the move. According to a news release sent to News 13 from Supervisors Walter Bobowski and Theresa Shott, the evening meetings are becoming quote “emotionally over heated” so, to act as “a cooling off period” the two Supervisors are requesting the meetings be scheduled in the early morning. News 13 spoke with Theresa Shott who tells us, supervisors will decide on whether to move the meetings Wednesday night at 7pm. In order for the meetings to be changed, two out of three supervisors must vote in favor. The exact time and date of the meetings, if in fact they are changed, is unknown at this time.

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